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Stay Connected with Your Customers Through Transactional SMS

FloppySend Stay Connected with Your Customers

Would you like to send Bulk SMS to your clients and leads? Are you looking for an affordable price structure for SMS and straightforward policies ? Your search comes to an end. Take advantage of the approach customers to engage with your business by using the Floppy Transactional SMS service.

What Is Transactional SMS?

Businesses use the Transactional SMS service to send important updates about their product or service to customers. For example, updates about invoice number order, OTP, return or refund rate, status of delivery, delivery messages, etc. are sent to customers via transactional SMS.

To put it clearly, companies who want to send non-promotional messages to both their DND and non-DND numbers 24/7 use a transactional route provided. At this point, Our transactional SMS service is unique, where messages for promotion cannot transcend the DND environment, the former can do it With a transactional SMS, a business can send SMS to the receiver without their permission.

Why Floppysend Is The Best
Transactional SMS Service Provider?

Floppysend is a leading provider of bulk SMS service providers that offer 100% instant messaging with high-quality service and

deliverability. Floppysend is the best transactional SMS service provider, and some of its unique features are as follows:

Lowest Price

We have an affordable platform, as opposed to other bulk SMS service providers. Our primary concern is for consumers to benefit from our services as much as possible and to achieve satisfaction. Our services are accessible and budget-friendly. We deliver affordable, bulk SMS transactions service.

Provide transactional SMS API

API refers to the Application Programming Interface. If you have a wide database of users or customers, and you have to send SMS messages to each of them. The best way to do this is to automate it with an API. You don't need to manually send messages to each of your clients via the API. The messages are sent through the Floppy SMS gateway automatically. When communicating with a broader audience, it is the most common way to send SMS.

Easy Interface

Our interface is straightforward and easy to work with. For every user, the dashboard is user-friendly and personalized. You will not find any complicated structure in Floppysend that is filled with loads of details. We have an interface that is simple to use.


We believe in the full transparency we have. You will not find any unethical practices such as producing false Floppy SMS files, deceptive practices, etc. We produce real-time, authentic reports. On consistency, we never compromise. Our mission is to make it convenient, affordable, and straightforward for the messaging industry.

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