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FloppySend What is SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is an interaction via mobile technology with wide range of clients. Floppy bulk SMS marketing service allows companies to connect with thousands of potential customers worldwide with exclusive deals and discount rates to send your message directly into their inbox. You can create and send a message to your customers in such a way that you know they can and will see!

SMS marketing is a well-tested and proven way to connect with customers. You can enjoy a variety of industrially leading innovations with Floppysend SMS marketing service, including information merging and much more.

How to Get Started with Floppysend
SMS Marketing?

This procedure is straightforward; upload your contact list, craft your message, and Floppy SMS platform will ensure it gets delivered immediately. Sending bulk SMS messages online to smartphones lets you reach specific customers than conventional marketing communication just can’t.

FloppySend Easy To Use Dashboard

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Use our dashboard to upload your contact list and craft your message.

FloppySend Customers Reachability

Customers Reachability

To reach your customers, click on the send and your messages will be sent promptly.

FloppySend Report and Analysis

Report and Analysis

Watch how effective your bulk text messaging campaign has been through our reporting and analytics.

Benefits of FloppySMS Notifications

Pay attention to the comfort of your customers through automatic and customized SMS alerts. Here are
some of the key benefits your company will get with FloppySMS notifications.

FloppySend Easily Send

Easily send powerful bulk SMS campaigns.

Increase customer relationships. Notify them that you are taking care of their orders, reservations, and appointments. Include a discount code and enjoy your return in your SMS notification.

FloppySend 5 Minute SMS API Integration

5-minute SMS API integration.

Contact your customers with one of the most powerful marketing methods. SMS notifications have an amazing open rate impact of up to 98%, which means your audience is going to read your message.

FloppySend Receive SMS

Receive SMS online.

Let your customers instantly reach out to you by merely texting into your short or long codes and keywords: set auto-replies or forward conversations to other platforms.

Ready or
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We Go!

FloppySend Get Enterprise

Get enterprise ready.

Seamlessly scape up with our comprehensive Floppy SMS gateway and features such as a tiered team/franchise account structure, user roles, and privileges, audit route, personalized service & more.

FloppySend Increase engagement

Increase engagement with mobile solutions.

Create discount tickets, online surveys, and forms right on our website. Incorporate as short URLs in your campaigns and get higher response rates.

FloppySend SMS Marketing FloppySend SMS Marketing
FloppySend SMS Marketing  Why Choose Us

Why Choose
Floppysend for
SMS Marketing?

At Floppysend, we are proud to provide our customers with the most powerful SMS marketing service. Our Floppy SMS software has been developed to send bulk SMS text messages as quickly as possible.

No upfront contracts or costs

Uptime SLA guarantee 100 percent

Do not emphasize the deliverability of messages

Send Your First Message In Seconds!!

Get all you need to communicate with consumers individually or text thousands at

once. And what’s more? It’s easy to get started, so sign up for free today!!