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FloppySend Reach Your Customers

Floppysend is a platform that deals with modern-day business tactics of marketing and sales. It uses various tools and services like mobile applications, SMS sender service, or even international SMS processes. It works specifically under this umbrella of a Floppy Web SMS Platform, enabling a smooth way of marketing their business strategies with people from their contact list.

A web-based platform basically allows businesses to have access to their customers through text messages. There's a dashboard involved to set up a contact list and make campaigns that you can schedule. Sending and receiving SMS to and from individuals and groups to record a high marketing zone is one of the most imperative principles of a web-based platform.

Our Floppy Web SMS Platform provides you with a way to communicate with your team members or even customers through an online gateway. Other web-based platforms have traffic and noise, which is difficult to cut through to reach your customer. But because of the direct contact provided by the Floppy SMS sender, it becomes a sufficiently easy task.

Why Use Web SMS Platform?

Not convinced with web SMS platform? Have a look at the below

reasons to use the web SMS platform:


Craft texts and send them using SMS platform within a few seconds. What’s more? Handy features such as merge fields and message templates make crafting and distributing text campaigns easy and quick.

Two-Way SMS

Open the door to interacting with customers via Web SMS platform. The technology makes it quite easy to organize incoming messages.


Samsung, iPhone and all others phones brans: they all fully support SMS technology. Though each smartphone has in-built text messaging capabilities. Thus, it indicates you can each huge potential audiences.

The Features Of FloppySMS

FloppySend SMS Platform Reduced Traffic

Full guarantee of
reduced traffic

We have a high-reliability quotient. This factor is for customer satisfaction so that you don't have to wait half a day for your customer or teammate's response.

FloppySend SMS Platform Assurance Of Text Deliverability

Assurance of
text Deliverability

We can fully assure you of our high deliverability rate. The messages only go to and from the sender to the receiver, and without the internet noise, it is delivered with ease.

FloppySend SMS Platform 24/7 Support From Our Company

24/7 Support from
Our Company

Our professionals are available day in and day out with their services, and they're willing to resolve any grievance you have through chat or call options.

FloppySend SMS Platform Global Coverage Direct Routes

Global Coverage
Direct Routes

We have professionals working in every part of the world. They are trained to handle regional business demands. You can conduct business anywhere, and we'll be present to assist you in this endeavor.

FloppySend SMS Platforms FloppySend SMS Platforms FloppySend SMS Platforms

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Our Web SMS Platform can help you at every step. So, you won’t have to worry about reaching your customers. The platform enables every business to function properly. On top of all, the portal enables sending and receiving messages using a computer/any other device.

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