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Partner with Floppysend’s Email and SMS Marketing services to create and establish an enterprise-grade solution for delivering Emails and SMS’s at scale with maximum deliverability. At Floppysend, we only charge you on the basis of the Emails and SMS’s that you actually send. Enjoy the power of unlimited and limitless contacts and unleash the power of proper segmentation.

Email And SMS Marketing Platform

Promotional and Transactional Emails

SMS with order confirmation, discounts, and updates

FloppySend Powerful Features

Powerful Features,
Without The Hassle

Floppy Email and SMS marketing services are designed and built to offer a spectacular marketing experience. With Floppy Email and Floppy SMS, Floppysend is an all in one platform that will help you in growing your business by building stronger customer relationships. With powerful and strong features, enhance your marketing experience now.

Communications API's for SMS and Email

Grow Your List OF Contacts

Use Powerful Segmentation Tool

Other Services of Floppy

With one of the best SMS and Email sending platform, we offer various other services to help you

set up a complete modern website with FloppyHoster, FloppyChat, and FloppyStore.

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FloppySend Home Page
FloppySend FloppyHoster

FloppyHoster offers web hosting services to all its clients. No matter what your web hosting requirements are, FloppyHoster will meet all your needs.

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FloppySend SMS MainPage
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FloppySend Home Page

How does It work?

Wondering about how Floppy SMS work? It’s super easy to use each of

Floppysend’s services. By following the three simple steps, you can quickly get started with Floppy

Floppy bulk SMS services for a fantastic marketing experience.

FloppySend Free SMS Account


Create An Account

Firstly, sign up for free on Floppysend by creating an account with an authentic and genuine email address.

FloppySend Free SMS Account


Confirm The Email

Next step is to confirm and verify your email. You will receive a confirmation email on the email id with which you have created an account- you just have to verify that mail by clicking on the verification link.

FloppySend Free SMS Account


Get Started

You are now all set to get started with the best SMS delivery platform.

FloppySend Home Page FloppySend Home Page

What Is Floppysend?

FloppySend Boost productivity

Boost Productivity

FloppySend Digital Engagements

Digital Engagement

FloppySend Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform

FloppySend Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Floppysend is the best Email and SMS marketing platform that allows you to focus on communicating with your audience. From Email Automation Services to Bulk International SMS, Floppysend has got everything covered for you to connect with your audience. Floppysend is a medium through which your business can engage with your website visitors and clients via Floppy Email and Floppy SMS.

It is a sort of Email Blasting Service and Bulk SMS platform that you can use to connect with your audience and to let them know about the upcoming offers, discounts, promotions, etc. Floppy Email and Floppy SMS Services are a contextual, updated, and modernized way to generate more sales and leads and engage audiences for a long time.

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Why Use Floppysend?

If you are in a dilemma regarding why to choose Floppysend, then

have a look at our amazing features that makes us the best!

Sign up for free to explore a new and high-tech marketing

experience with Floppysend!!

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