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OTP service is extensively used by banks, e-commerce portals, websites, and other organizations. Typically, every business that stored financial info about their client’s needs to use the additional security system. Thus, we comprehend the significance of keeping your client’s data and info secure and confidential.

What is OTP SMS?

OTP (One Time Password) is a security mechanism where a one-time use password is generated and sent to registered users to make them quickly access what they want, This will protect your site from various threats Also, OTP uses a two-factor SMS automation protocol to secure the digital identity of end-users further.

Sectors That Rely on OTP SMS

FloppySend Banking Sector


Increase customer relationships. Notify them that you are taking care of their orders, reservations, and appointments. Include a discount code and enjoy your return in your SMS notification.

FloppySend Shipping Companies


Shipping firms use OTP. Shipping companies use the OTP SMS API to collect shipping charges along with the shipping orders that are successfully created.

FloppySend E-Commerce Platforms


E-Commerce sites also use OTP SMS to ensure that order payments are received successfully. The OTP is sent directly to the customer numbers to provide a safe transaction.

FloppySend Web Portals


Web portals use OTP SMS to ensure their users are authenticated. The OTP is sent directly to the user's phone numbers to ensure that the data entered by the user is genuine.

FloppySend Mobile Wallets


Mobile wallets have become very popular nowadays. The wallets use OTP text SMS messages for two purposes. First, OTP is used to validate the information provided by users when making accounts. Second, mobile wallets use OTP to accept funds or to carry out transactions.

FloppySend Online Transport Industry

Online Transport

The online transport industry commonly uses OTP. When a customer has booked a ride from their cell phone, an OTP SMS is sent to the customer that they need to show to the driver to prevent any problems.

FloppySend OTP SMS FloppySend OTP SMS

Take a Leap of Faith with Us.

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