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Use our simple SMS APIs to integrate SMS text messaging with your already existing business applications and systems.

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FloppySend SMS API Send Texts

Send Texts

Send a single or thousands of text messages, any app can do it with our API.

FloppySend SMS API Receive Replies

Receive Replies

Get inbound SMS as an individual API command or let replies be posed to your app.

FloppySend SMS API Callback URLs

Callback URLs

Post text message responses and delivery notifications directly to your app.

FloppySend SMS API Check Account

Check Account

Access your account to validate your balance and ensure that you have sufficient credit left for your next campaign.

FloppySend SMS API Unicode SMS

Unicode SMS

Send text messages using Arabic, Greek, or Asian character sets or incorporate special characters.

FloppySend SMS API Long Messages

Long Messages

Up to 765 characters can be sent in a single message – extremely handy when you have to incorporate more details.

FloppySend SMS API Advance Schedule

Advance Schedule

Schedule text messages to be sent later/to reoccur after a particular time frame without any hassle.

FloppySend SMS API Delivery Status

Delivery Status

Review the delivery status for every text message that you have sent and make certain the delivery of your text messages.

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Our Web SMS Platform can help you at every step. So, you won’t have to worry about reaching your customers. The platform enables every business to function properly. On top of all, the portal enables sending and receiving messages using a computer/any other device.

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FloppySend SMS API Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Deliver your SMS to more than 200 nations and regions.

FloppySend SMS API Smart Routing

Smart Routing

Automatically redirect messages to make certain top-speed and ultimate route delivery of your text messages.

FloppySend SMS API Priority Handling

Priority Handling

Our Floppy SMS Gateway differentiates between SMS notifications and bulk SMS, where notifications have a higher priority while sending.

FloppySend SMS API Tailored For Developers

Tailored for

Code in your preferred programming language and allow your app to engage with the world. Floppy offers you complete documentation for the seamless connection of your app to our platform.

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