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Connect easily with your customer through our Floppysend Email & SMS Services

Floppysend is committed to being the ultimate email blast and bulk SMS services provider worldwide with high-quality and exceptional support. Floppysend marketing tools and features empower your business’s marketing efforts, drive more leads, and convert them to long-term customers.

You can use most preferred communication channels to communicate and engage with your customers or clients within a single platform – Email and SMS. We’re proud to serve both small business owners and big organizations from around the world and enjoy seeing their mailing or contact lists grow day by day.

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Our Principles

FloppySend Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We are constantly enhancing our product and coming up with new marketing features that could help thrive and grow your business.

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FloppySend Innovation


We keep ourselves up-to-date with new digital marketing trends & tactics and strive to deliver innovative solutions.

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FloppySend About Team


Our team compromises of specialists and experts who are equally passionate about their job and determined in accomplishing their goals.

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FloppySend About

Why Choose Floppysend?

Want to take your business to an entirely new level? With Floppysend, it’s indeed possible and all thanks to its advanced features.

FloppySend Email SMS

Engage customers with automated, recurring emails & SMS, or drip series in the time it takes to create 1-to-many SMS or emails.

FloppySend Email SMS
FloppySend Subscriber List

Boost your conversation rates by merely segmenting the list of your subscribers. Your customers are saying what they desire from your emails. Floppy email marketing platform helps you to comprehend those preferences and sort contacts so you can deliver customized messages.

FloppySend Subscriber List
FloppySend Real Time

Responding quickly to subscriber activity data and trends helps you accomplish better marketing outcomes. Floppy email marketing platform helps you access precise, advanced reporting so you can beat your marketing goals.

FloppySend Real Time
FloppySend Carrier Lookup

Determine invalid carriers and phone numbers instantly and achieve

FloppySend Carrier Lookup
FloppySend Email validation

Check the status, risk level, and deliverability of email addresses with our professional email verification service.

FloppySend Email validation
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Quickly send and receive text messages, create contacts and lists, and manage your campaigns on the go through your smartphone.

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FloppySend Web panel

Easy-to-use, 100% responsive web panel will give you a supreme modern facility to utilize all of our services under one single account.

FloppySend Web panel
FloppySend Email Templates

Use free, responsive Floppy email templates in order to save time and get your email campaigns and programs off the ground with a modern, professional look.

FloppySend EmailTemplates
FloppySend Global SMS

Reach your staff and customers worldwide with access to more than 1,000 mobile networks and across more than 200 nations.

FloppySend Global SMS
FloppySend SMS Gateway API

Integrate Floppy SMS Gateway with your application or website using SMS API tools and introduce text messaging to the workflow of your business.

FloppySend SMS Gateway API

01 Email & SMS Marketing Automation

02 Subscriber List Management:

03 Real-Time Analytics:

04 Carrier Lookup & Number Verification

05 Email Validation

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Benefits that you seek

FloppySend Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

With Floppy bulk SMS and email, you can send emails and messages directly to thousands of customers or contacts. Manual sending, on the other side, is quite time-consuming and disheartening.

FloppySend Instant Lost Cost And High ROI

Lost Cost & High ROI

Many types of advertising limit costs. Email blast and bulk SMS service is a great alternative with a quite low setup and operation costs. What’s more? Bulk email & SMS also boast a high ROI.

FloppySend Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Sending a big amount of SMS and email means putting the message and email literally in the subscriber’s pocket within seconds with 97% deliver rates.

FloppySend Pricing FloppySend Pricing

Our Differences

We’re your premium bulk SMS and email solution for numerous reasons.

FloppySend Customer Support

Floppysend, being the ultimate email marketing and bulk SMS service provider, delivers responsive and always-accessible support for their clients. Get the assistance during API installation & configuration, 100% uptime guarantee, fast response to your doubts and a lot more are accessible for our every client.

FloppySend Our Guarantee

We ensure that you’ll gain peace of mind through our premium email blast and mass SMS solution. On top of all, our technologies can handle all requirements of your business. We promise and give you the best email and SMS delivery. Our powerful services to reach individuals easily, quickly, and efficiently.

FloppySend Outstanding Service

It’s our goal to give customers an exceptional Email & SMS experience along with great customer support. What’s more? We strive to deliver the most reliable performance and at a reasonable price. Contact us anytime, with any concern and we’ll address it right away.

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