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SMS Pricing

The most popular communication channel. We use quality and fast connections to deliver your messages.

more convenient by choosing a discount plan that gives you more features.


Global Coverage.

Easy & User-Friendly web interface.

Easy integration, HTTP API, SMPP, SMTP.

MNP support and smart routing.

No setup fee, no hidden fee.

Certified quality of SMS routes.

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FloppySend Pricing FloppySend Pricing
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What You Can Expect with
Floppy SMS Platform?

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User-friendly web interface

Great for instant messaging, statistics reports, upload groups of contacts, create message templates and perform bulk SMS.

100% Transparency

No hidden fees & additional charges. Every feature is included with your plan.

Money-Back Guarantee

You may get in touch with us within 14 days from the purchase date and we’ll offer a full refund of unused credits.

FloppySend Pricing FloppySend Pricing

Enjoy All Features with a Single account



Global Coverage

Free Web-based Platform

Easy Integration with SMS API


Great Speed


Flexible & Secure Payment Options

Floppysend accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency, and Stripe.

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  • mastercard
  • amex
  • discover
  • jcb
  • maestro
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  • paypal
  • bitcoin
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Frequently Asked Question



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Any Expire Date for My FloppySend SMS Account?

No expiry date for FloppySend SMS account, paid account validity is lifetime.

Are There Any Monthly or Hidden Fees For This Service?

No monthly or hidden charges for our services rendered.

How Many Countries And Networks Can I Reach Via FloppySend SMS?

Our service is global, FloppySend SMS cover 200 countries and more than 1100 network, FloppySend team working to 24/7 to make our services cover the world.

Are My Group’s Lists And My Personal Data Safe?

You are protected by FloppySend, all your data including contact lists will be encrypted and secured at our SMS datacentre system, for more info please read our Privacy Policy.

Do I Need To Use Any Software To Send My Bulk Messages?

You don’t need to download any kind of software to send your SMS messages, you can just easily use our FloppySend web bulk SMS platform, and FloppySend team will give the best user experience with friendly user interface.

Did FloppySend Support Long SMS Messages?

Yes, we do, each English SMS is (160 GSM char) or (70 Unicode char) for the Unicode Lang, The mobile handset uses SMS segmentation info, to reconnect the SMS message correctly. Take note that not always the 160 characters can be written into a one text SMS. Some special char from the GSM alphabet like the £ sign need 2 char, – need an ‘escape’ char, + a char, such ‘escape’ char also considered when need to split the message into segments.

Which Group Formats Do You Support For Uploading My Numbers?

With FloppySend SMS platform, you can upload your Group List in formats: txt, xls/xlsx, csv, All you need is to make your file like the sample file attached, to upload the numbers correctly.

What format of mobile numbers should be used when I create a contact list or send any message?

Just type the country code and mobile (e.g. 202-555-0104). In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,).

How does 30 days free trial FloppySend Email work?

Upon creating an account with us, you will get instant access to all FloppySend Email features from a chosen plan for 30 days of your choice. Credit card is not required during the trial period as the service is free.

How long can I use email credits?

Email Credits are valid for 1 month from the day of purchase. To extend the period for which email credits are valid you can renew your subscription, therefore extending the expiration date for another 1 month.

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

Yes sure! You can choose the plan you want to start with and then upgrade anytime right from your FloppySend Email dashboard. Just go to your Subscription details page and choose any plan you want.

Do you have a price plan for high volume senders?

Yes, of course! If you send more than 200,000 emails per month, please contact our sales or support team for an exclusive quote.

Do you have Email template builder?

FloppySend Email is an advanced Email Template Builder with a wide range of ready email templates and layouts.

Do you provide statistics report?

That's for sure we provide statistics for, clicks, Opens , complaints , bounces are available. So for every single email with FloppySend you can track the delivery status easily.

Do you have Email automation?

Statistics reports is provided for Opens, clicks, bounces and complaints, in order for you to track delivery status for each single email sent out.

FloppySend Pricing