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The Nextel Carrier From Argentina is denoted by codes: 722 020. The followings IDs are called HNI (Home network identity). This code is created by the combination of two other Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). The first three numbers stand for the MCC and they are used in order to identify the region which the carried comes from (in the following example it’s Argentina). The last numbers of the HNI code are equal with the MNC and this ID is given for the specific mobile network operator.

Besides Nextel Argentina has assigned country code + 54. This number + 54 is equal with international calling code and it’s simply the telephone dialing prefixes used for calling Nextel numbers.
Nextel uses 0 GSM bands, 0 UMTS bands, 0 and 0 CDMA bands.. You can read the specific frequency bands in the table below. All bands of the Nextel are display in MHz units.
Another important information in Nextel Argentina architectures is the standard of used protocols. It also uses 0 protocols such as GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA. The ISO standard code of Nextel is AR. You can see more info about this mobile network operator at http://www.nextel.com.ar/. How to check Nextel coverage? How to check if your phone will work in Argentina?

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Name Nextel
Company NII Holdings
Country Argentina flag Argentina
Country ISO AR
Country code + 54
Carrier website http://www.nextel.com.ar/
Carrier codes
  • 722 020
Mobile prefix 15, 9
Mobile prefix comment Calling a mobile phone locally requires dialing 15, followed by the subscriber’s number f.e. 11 15 xxxx-xxxx. International calls need +54 9 (leaving out the 15 after the area code) - f.e. +54 9 11 xxxx-xxxx
Size of NSN 8
Number format

+54 15x xxx xx

+54 9xx xxx xx

Coverage map Check Nextel Coverage
Comment Mobile phone numbers in Argentina can be 6, 7 or 8 digits long. Using iDEN 800 band.
Subscribers 1 830 000 (July 2015)
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